Submitting a FOIA Request

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Any person wishing to inspect or copy a District’s public record shall submit a written request to the Fire Chief. While the use of a specific form is not required, the district will provide a form upon request. (See Request Form below)

How do I submit a request?
Requests are accepted via personal delivery to the Administration Office located at Station #1, mail facsimile, email, or fax.

Who do I direct the request to?
The Fire Chief, Joseph Cluchey,  serves as the Freedom of Information officer for the district. Requests shall be directed to the Fire Chief of the Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District. Requests must specify District records with reasonable particularity to avoid inefficient use of staff time in retrieving and preparing records for inspection.


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ECFPD Freedom of Information (FOIA) Request Form
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Freedom of Information Request Form
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Freedom of Information Policy
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