Exploring can be an informative and fun way to help prepare for the future!

How does Exploring work?

As an Explorer, you will join other teenagers in planning and operating your Explorer post with guidance from qualified adult advisors. To participate you must have completed the eighth grade and be 14 to 21 years of age.

Is there more to Exploring than career emphasis?

Yes! Although emphasizing careers is a major aspect of Exploring, there are many other important features, such as helping you to develop leadership skills. In Exploring, variety is important, and so is having fun with your friends.

What else can Exploring teach me?

As an Explorer, you’ll learn important skills, such as team building, public speaking, and interviewing. You’ll also learn how to organize your time to accomplish tasks for school and for extracurricular activities.

When are meetings held?

Meetings are held on the First, Third & Fourth Thursday of the month.

How can I learn more of sign up?

Start Exploring today! Contact Chris Meyers at 630-365-6855 or send an email to Learning for Life Website for more information.

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